Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More about Micro

We have a little more info about Micro. While I very much want to read the book now, I wouldn’t have the time even if I got a hold of a copy. But I cleared my calendar for a few days starting next Tuesday, so I’ll have the chance to devour and digest Micro. Stay tuned!

Micro contains:

• Maps of Oahu on the endpapers (as Pirate Latitudes had maps)

• One epigraph by E. O. Wilson

• A unfinished introduction by Michael Crichton, dated 8/28/08

• A five-page bibliography (Hurrah! I was hoping for one!)

And here’s a little morsel to hold us for now:

The audio edition of Micro, is read by John Bedford Lloyd. Harper Collins UK has a brief audio sample featuring the Wilson epigraph and some of Crichton’s introduction.

Six days until Micro….


Charles Epting said...

I'm sure you've seen it, but this WSJ article has some wonderful information about the writing of Mirco, a lot of information I hadn't seen before.

Marla Warren said...

I've seen it, Charles, but I haven't read it. There are a few other reviews out but I will not read any of them or post links to them until I've read Micro. (I should be finished with it sometime on Wednesday. Crichton's books always read fast for me.)

Thank you for posting the link, as others may wish to read the article now.