Monday, November 14, 2011

Michael Crichton on Filming The Andromeda Strain

Here’s a treasure I uncovered recently through Google News Archives.

“Author Strained by Movie”
By Michael Crichton for the Associated Press, The Victoria Advocate, March 22, 1971

Editor’s note – A novelist often has enough trouble with words. But his difficulties really begin when his words have to be translated to film. Michael Crichton, author of the popular “The Andromeda Strain” describes what it is like to have his book made into a movie.

Crichton writes in the first paragraph:

"The people involved just shrug their shoulders: of course there will be problems. You can expect them, you can count on them. Making a film is one long process of being surprised—by tough things that turn out to be easy, and easy things that turn out to be nightmares."

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