Sunday, November 27, 2011

Michael Crichton Trivia – 11/27/11

“Numquam Obliviscemur Michaelis Crichtonis”

What does this phrase mean and what is its significance?

Last week’s trivia question:

What book did Michael Crichton write on a bet?

Charles Epting said:
“Eaters of the Dead, wasn't it?”

Correct, Charles!

From the official Crichton website:
“The story behind this novel appears in an essay in the paperback edition. The short version is, I wrote EATERS on a bet that I could make an entertaining story out of "Beowulf."
Note from Michael

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Samir said...

All I know is 'Numquam Obliviscemur' translated from Latin is 'Never Forget', so the basic translation is 'Never Forget Michael Crichton'