Saturday, November 12, 2011

Michael Crichton Trivia – 11/12/11

Did any of Michael Crichton’s books win awards?

Last week’s trivia question:

Michael Crichton wrote and directed several films. Which films did he direct, but did not write the screenplay?

Dustin Pitan wrote:

Physical Evidence I believe is the only one. Granted, he didn't receive a screenplay credit on Pursuit, but I believe I've read he had a large hand in writing that.

Partially correct, Dustin. The screenplay for Physical Evidence was written by Bill Phillips, with the story credited to Steve Ransohoff and Bill Phillips.

As for Pursuit, while the screenplay was based on the John Lange novel Binary, Robert Dozier received sole credit for writing the screenplay.

So the correct answer is Pursuit and Physical Evidence.

Ten days until Micro….

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