Saturday, November 26, 2011

Micro – First Thoughts

Just a few thoughts for now. As I wrote Thursday, Micro is the most enjoyable Crichton novel since Prey.

I was very happy to read the introduction Michael Crichton wrote, even if it was unfinished. I always wished he wrote more nonfiction.

By the end of Micro, I knew I wasn’t reading a Michael Crichton novel anymore. But I was enthralled by the story, and didn’t care. (How I knew I wasn’t reading a Michael Crichton novel is a discussion I’ll save for another time.)

The novel has been compared to Jurassic Park, even by Michael Crichton himself. But Micro is far more reminiscent of Timeline than Jurassic Park or Prey.

Micro is like a ship that changes direction so gently that you don’t notice. Then dawn comes and the sun rises in a different spot than expected.

You can gripe about the change or you can enjoy the sunrise.

Richard Preston took over as captain of Micro after Michael Crichton died. As the new captain, he had to sail the ship as best he could, using the former captain’s log to navigate.

Captain Preston gave the passengers a pleasantly exciting voyage, and then brought the ship safely into harbor.

What more could one ask?


John said...

McClatchy-Tribune reports:

HarperCollins publisher Jonathan Burnham says it’s premature to call Micro the final book by the secretive Crichton.

“We’re still looking through his notes and papers.”

- Books: Michael Crichton novel completed by longtime fan

John said...

Deciphering Michael Crichton's Clues

John said...

NPR reports:

According to his publisher, there are "indications that there may be other books" Crichton was working on at the time of his death.

John said...

Was Micro designed for teen appeal? MC was concerned about schoolchildren having misconceptions about nature. Micro features adventures of young scientists with exagerated personalities in action experiencing how nature really works.

John said...

Michael Crichton and the mystery of the posthumous thriller

Marla Warren said...

Thank you for all the comments and links, John. I was planning to list the links in my blog post today (which I'll still do). As for there being other Crichton works yet unpublished, that was said when Pirate Latitudes was announced. Nothing new there.

I'm going to create a discussion area for Micro on my message board. Those who have read Micro can discuss it there as I don't want to have spoilers on this blog - not until January, when people have had time to read the novel.

Patti said...

Have not started reading Micro yet but if it can be compared to Timeline which is my all time favorite then no doubt I will love it.

John said...


Yes. They still say they are going through the stuff MC left. But, I think that by now they know pretty much what they have. I do not think the publisher would now be correcting those who review Micro as MC's final book unless they really have something else in the works.

Nancy A said...


As you probably have seen on the MC message board, I've been reading Micro and am really enjoying it. Interesting to read John's comment that HC is considering the publication of Michael's other incomplete works. Hope that's true and that something comes of their search.

Also noteworthy is John's comment (and I like the connection he draws) that it's possible Micro was designed for teen appeal, and it does seem so with its portions of quite basic writing, though I do think if that's the case they may find the science writing and jargon a bit tough unless they're honor students or fairly well versed in "certain" sciences.

A refreshing literary break in pace, the welcome words of Michael's mind at work again.

Marla Warren said...

One work we already know about – Crichton’s sequel to his autobiography Travels.

Crichton has mentioned other projects in interviews over the years. I’ll be posting about them soon.