Friday, October 28, 2011

The Life of Michael Crichton - Part 5


1971: Crichton wins the Edgar award for the John Lange novel Grave Descend. Insight TV series episode "The War of the Eggs", written by Crichton, airs.

1972: Crichton publishes The Terminal Man and the John Lange novel Binary. He directs his first film, Pursuit, a TV movie based on Binary. Insight TV series episode "Killer", written by Crichton, airs.

1973: The film Westworld, written and directed by Crichton, is released. The film Extreme Close-Up (aka Sex Through a Window) written by Crichton is released.

1974: Insight TV series episode "Killer", written by Crichton, airs.

1975: Crichton publishes The Great Train Robbery.

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