Monday, October 24, 2011

Life of Michael Crichton - Part 2


Michael Crichton attended Roslyn High School on Long Island, graduating in 1960. He visited the school in 1995.

Crichton was a basketball player, and his three school records still stand:

1. Most Rebounds in a Game
2. Highest Rebound Averge per Game
3. Highest Field Goal Shooting Percentage in a Season

The basketball coach, Joe Lettera, said, “He didn't need basketball, but it was just one more challenge for him to overcome."

Crichton’s freshman English teacher Eileen Bennett said, “"Even as a freshman, he would take disparate ideas and come up with conclusions that no one else, including his teacher, had thought of."

Encouraged by his parents, Crichton wrote a travel article “Climbing Up a Cinder Cone” about Sunset Crater National Monument. He sold the article to the New York Times when he was 14. The article was published on May 17, 1959, when Crichton was 16.

1959: Michael Crichton’s article “Climbing Up a Cinder Cone” is published in the New York Times
1960: Michael Crichton graduates from Roslyn High School.

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