Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Life of Michael Crichton - Part 3

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Michael Crichton started at Harvard with the intention of majoring in English and becoming a writer. But he thought the professors were grading him too hard, and decided to test his hypothesis by submitting a George Orwell essay as his own for an assignment. When the Orwell essay received a B-, Crichton decided to change his major to anthropology. In 1964, he graduated summa cum laude with a degree in physical anthropology.

According to the 1964 Harvard College yearbook, Crichton was in Lowell House and his activities included the Crimson, Harvard Review, Hasty Pudding, and baseball.

(I was surprised to see baseball listed. I knew Crichton played basketball, but I've never heard of him playing baseball before.)


1964: Crichton graduates summa cum laude from Harvard College – A.B. in physical anthropology.

1964 – 1965: Crichton is a Henry Shaw Travelling Fellow
Shaw Fellowships provide a year of purposeful postgraduate travel in Europe for Harvard students to supplement their formal education.

1965: Crichton is a visiting lecturer in Anthropology at Cambridge University, King’s College.

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