Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Life of Michael Crichton - Part 4


1966: Crichton publishes his first book, Odds On, under the name “John Lange”.

1967: Crichton publishes Scratch One under the name “John Lange”.

1968: Crichton publishes Easy Go (later republished as The Last Tomb) under the name “John Lange”. He publishes A Case of Need under the name “Jeffery Hudson”.

1969: Crichton publishes The Andromeda Strain, his first book under his own name. He graduates from Harvard Medical School. He receives the Edgar award for A Case of Need. Crichton publishes two John Lange novels - Zero Cool and The Venom Business.

1969-1970: Crichton moves to California – works at the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences as a research fellow.

1970: Crichton publishes Five Patients under his own name. He publishes Dealing: Or the Berkley to Boston Forty-Brick Lost Bag Blues under the pseudonym “Michael Douglas”. The novel was a collaborative effort with his brother Douglas. Crichton publishes two more John Lange novels – Drug of Choice and Grave Descend.

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