Monday, June 15, 2015

Jurassic World—The Park is Open!

Jurassic World opened on Thursday June 11 and the numbers are in.

The tagline for the film is:
“The Park is Open”
And how! According to Forbes, Jurassic World had the largest worldwide opening for a film ever—taking in $524 million over the weekend.

From the article:
It is already the fifth-biggest worldwide grosser of 2015 (it will be third in a matter of days), the third-biggest domestic box office champion of the year, and the 134th-biggest worldwide box office champion ever.

I’m imagining a sign reading “The Park is Open” in giant letters. Underneath is smaller printer reading:
We’ve got it right this time. Really. You can trust us.
And in even smaller print:
Please read all the legalese on the back of your ticket regarding our liability for your safety.

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