Thursday, June 11, 2015

Grantland Article Examines Michael Crichton's Literary History

His Jurassic World: Author Michael Crichton’s Entertainment Odyssey and Lasting Cultural Impact

This article by Michael Weinreb, (in which yours truly is quoted), examines Crichton’s earlier works.

From the article:
My favorite of the John Lange books is Drug of Choice, a trippy little book involving that inexplicable blue urine and models and an illusory island; it ends with a lecture about the power of corporations. “Do you want to live in a certain neighborhood?” a villain named Harvey Blood (seriously) declares. “Do you find certain food tasty? Do you prefer certain climates, clothes, cars, paintings, movies, books, films, toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, singers? Don’t you see your preferences are all conditioned? Don’t you see you are manipulated every minute of your life? You’re manipulated by Procter and Gamble, by Ford, by MGM, by Random House, by Brooks, by Bergdorf, by Revlon, by Upjohn—’’

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