Sunday, December 4, 2011

Michael Crichton Trivia – 12/4/11

Which of Michael Crichton’s novels is the longest? And which is the shortest?

Last week’s trivia question:

“Numquam Obliviscemur Michaelis Crichtonis”

What does this phrase mean and what is its significance?

Samir answered:
All I know is 'Numquam Obliviscemur' translated from Latin is 'Never Forget', so the basic translation is 'Never Forget Michael Crichton'

Correct! As for the significance of the phrase, it’s concealed in one of the maps in the new novel Micro. See if you can find it.

Mortuus sed non oblitus.

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Dan said...

I believe the longest was State of Fear, and the shortest depends on whether we're counting the early books under pseudonyms. Without Googling or anything, I'll just have to guess... Odds On? I've never compared the page numbers of the early stuff before.

I'm looking it up now just so I know, but I won't ruin it by posting the answer. :)

Dan said...

I will say I was wrong on the shortest though.

Marla Warren said...

I intended this to be only for the novels Crichton published under his own name. Many people don't have access to the John Lange novels, so I didn't want to make it too difficult. Plus only two of the John Lange novels were published in hardcover, which makes it more difficult to gauge the length. For this trivia question, I'm relying on the hardcover editions of the novels Crichton published under his own name. Thank you for helping me clarify.

Charles Epting said...

I'd guess Eaters of the Dead for shortest?