Saturday, October 30, 2010

Michael Crichton – Tributes from Other Writers

When Michael Crichton died, science fiction legend Ray Bradbury said:

He was a nice man, and he died too young — too young.

Journalist James Fallows, in his tribute A Thought for Michael Crichton said:

…I was honored to have met him 20 years age, when I was living in Japan, and to have been a friend since then. He seemed unassuming, funny, charming in every way -- the unusual famous person who was genuinely considerate of one's spouse and kids. Very earnest about his political causes, including a very prescient argument fifteen years ago about the impending decline of the "Mediasaurus," now known as MSM. And, there is no way around it, incredibly talented.

Michael Crichton wrote a review in 1994 for Washington Monthly of James Fallows’ book Looking At The Sun: The Rise Of The New East Asian Economic And Political System

In the 2008 Year-End Special issue of Entertainment Weekly (sorry, no link), Stephen King wrote of Michael Crichton:

As a pop novelist, he was divine. A Crichton book was a headlong experience driven by a man who was both a natural storyteller and fiendishly clever when it came to verisimilitude; he made you believe that cloning dinosaurs wasn’t just over the horizon but possible tomorrow. Maybe today.

And in an article detailing his 2009 wish list, King said:

I wish for the last Michael Crichton novel to be published, and for it to be the best Crichton. One 2008 Web post (on Yahoo! Answers) suggested that the last one was in the Jurassic Park mode. It might not be true, but if it is, how cool would that be?

We got Pirate Latitudes in 2009, and we still have Crichton’s last novel to look forward to in 2011? 2012?

I’ll let you know when I hear anything.

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