Friday, June 28, 2013

Michael Crichton—The Med School Years

The Michael Crichton website has a new section on his pseudonym novels:

Michael Crichton “The Med School Years”

It contains a good deal of fascinating information. Although the phrase “The Med School Years” is a little misleading as four of the novels—Grave Descend (1970), Drug of Choice (1970), Dealing Or The Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues (1970), and Binary (1972)—were published after Crichton graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1969.

I've always wondered why he published the last few John Lange novels after he published the highly successful The Andromeda Strain (1969) under his own name. Did Crichton already have them written or did he have a contract for a specific number of John Lange novels?


Narayan said...

I eagerly wait to read odds on, venom business and drug of choice. but these books have yet not hit
regarding why he chose John Lange name- i think there might have been some contractual commitments

Paul said...

Hi Marla,

I don't know how else to let you know about this. Can't find your email. Michael Crichton: Reflections of a New Designer in Compute! old computer magazine from 1985. In full color, big pdf, middle of the magazine. Other formats available. Good old article about a certain old game ... Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marla, I'm not sure how to email you so I'll leave this here for you. Since the forums portion of the site has been removed from Michael Crichton's official website, I've become moderator at his subreddit on Reddit. Everyone is welcome to join. If you want to promote it that's awesome, if no, no worries. Have a great day. :)