Friday, November 2, 2012

Celebrating Michael Crichton - Part 3: Favorites

My favorite of all of Michael Crichton’s works is his autobiography Travels. (See the letter I wrote to him about it.) Travels was also Crichton’s favorite book. During an online discussion in 2005, Michael Crichton told me he was working on a sequel. I hope we get to read it someday.

My favorite of his novels is Timeline. I love the combination of science and history. Plus Andre Marek is one of Crichton’s best characters.

What are your favorite Michael Crichton books?

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Henrique said...

For sure is Jurassic Park and Lost World (for me they're one book splitted in two volumes).
I also like State of Fear very much.
For the non-fiction, I think the best are Travels and Eaters of the Dead.

eriks said...

This is a difficult one. I guess the book I most enjoyed was Timeline, I just could not put it down! But practically all the others have been as unputdownable!

Charles Epting said...

Travels and Jurassic Park