Monday, May 21, 2012

Michael Crichton Ebook Wishlist

Now we have 18 of Michael Crichton’s published books in digital format—the 17 novels published under his own name and Travels, one of his five nonfiction books (if you count the different editions of Jasper Johns as two different books, which I do).

So all we need are the rest of the nonfiction books:

Five Patients (1970)

Jasper Johns (1977)

Electronic Life (1983) – If there’s one book that should be an ebook, it’s this one.

Jasper Johns – revised edition (1994)

The eight novels wrote under the pseudonym “John Lange”:

Odds On (1966)

Scratch One (1967)

Easy Go (1968) – later republished under the title The Last Tomb

Zero Cool (1969)

The Venom Business (1969)

Grave Descend (1970)

Drug of Choice (1970)

Binary (1972)

The novel Crichton published under the pseudonym “Jeffery Hudson”:

A Case of Need (1968)

And the novel Michael Crichton wrote with his brother Douglas Crichton – published under the pseudonym “Michael Douglas”:

Dealing Or The Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues (1970)

See the first edition book covers for all of Crichton’s books! (courtesy of my good friend Pavel)

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