Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Micro Cover Revealed!

The cover of Michael Crichton’s upcoming novel Micro has been revealed:

Crichton’s name is at the top as usual, with the name of Richard Preston (who completed the unfinished novel) at the bottom.

The cover’s colors are red, black, and white—the colors that have been used for the covers of several Michael Crichton novels.

Now you know what inspired the colors on my blog.

Next (2006)

State of Fear (2004)

Prey (2002)

Timeline (1999)

Airframe (1996)

The Lost World (1995)

Disclosure (1994)


Narayan said...

Wow great news. the cover is reminsicent of NEXT.
I had written a book titled The LAw Releating to the MICRO and Small Enterprises Facilitation Council"- abook on laws meant for the pracicing lawyer in this part of the world. and imagine my glee...when a search for book titles containing the word MICRO will feature both MCs work and mine.....

Brent said...

Great find Marla. Sometimes I think you can do anything! Can you make it November tomorrow?

Marla Warren said...

Sorry, Brent, I can't make it November tomorrow. (And I wouldn't if I could as I have a number of things to do on this blog before Micro is published.)

As for finding things, I have to thank my vast network of spies and informers. (You know who you are!) ;-)