Friday, April 15, 2011

New Michael Crichton Novel Slated for November Release?

We may soon receive official word that a new novel by Michael Crichton will be published on November 22, 2011. (This would be the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, which was when Pirate Latitudes was released in 2009.)

Harper Collins, the publisher of Crichton’s novels Prey, State of Fear, Next, and Pirate Latitudes, has listed Untitled Crichton Novel in their catalog. These are also listings for audio, large print, and digital editions.

Very recently, an official Facebook page appeared for Michael Crichton. A friend notified me of it and said, “I wonder what's up. Gearing up for a new promotion?”

I’m wondering as well. And I’m also wondering if this is the novel Crichton left unfinished at his death, or is another work that, like Pirate Latitudes, was found on his computer.

More on this soon.

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Carrie White Hairdresser/Author said...

I say you are correct on all counts.....If I get a title scoop I will let you know~!!!

I am in on the new official MC group as well and saw you were so I didn't alert do not need any MC alerts that's for sure...")