Friday, February 25, 2011

Michael Crichton on Being Tall

Michael Crichton was 6’9” tall, a fact that was mentioned frequently in articles about him.

His height was not a comfortable experience for him. Crichton was 6’7” when he was 13, and he wrote in his autobiography:

“I am the tallest person in the school, taller even than the teachers. Everybody laughs at me.” (Travels, p. 340)

As an adult, Crichton found being tall made it difficult to hear people speaking to him if he was standing. (New York Times) But meeting Wilt Chamberlain, who at 7’2” topped Crichton by five inches, gave him a different perspective.

"To my surprise, I found myself standing on a step to make myself taller….I was so uncomfortable that, after a half-hour, I had to leave. When my therapist asked me why I wasn't happy not to be the tallest, weirdest person in the room, I had to admit that a part of me is proud of what makes me different." (Los Angeles Times)


Brent said...

Great post. He was as complex as he was tall.

Anonymous said...

I find a lot of tall people feel that way. It's an interesting complex.

Anonymous said...

This is really a complex. Being that tall but immediately feeling uncomfortable when meeting someone even taller, which probably only happens every few months or maybe years in his case. Some people really have problems that nobody else understands.