Thursday, July 1, 2010

Michael Crichton Estate in Hawaii for Sale

Michael Crichton’s estate on the Hawaiian island Kauai is now for sale. There is speculation that the house may have been used in the series ER. When the character of Mark Greene is terminally ill, he moves to a beach house in Hawaii with his family to spend his last days there. I don’t know if this is true. There are several photos of Crichton’s home online, plus a video tour of the estate.

The ER episode in which Mark Greene (played by Anthony Edwards) lives in Hawaii is “On the Beach” in Season 8. I’ll have to dig it out to compare.

It would be nice if it was true because of something Crichton once said:

Have you ever made a character in one of your novels represent yourself?

They all represent me, in a way. And they all don't represent me, in a way. But I was aware of the Noah Wyle character in ER, and the Anthony Edwards character in ER, being close to me because they were close to my life experiences.

The death of Mark Greene was one of the most poignant and heart-rending events in the Crichton-created series. I still tear up just thinking about it.

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