Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Video – Flag by Jasper Johns Auction

If you didn’t watch the Christie’s auction of Michael Crichton’s art collection, you can see the high point—the auction of the painting Flag by Jasper Johns.

The auctioneer for the sale was Christopher Burge (whom I found just marvelous to watch). Burge has portrayed an auctioneer in two films: The First Wives Club (1996) and Wall Street (1987).


eriks said...

I wanted that flag!!!!

Marla Warren said...

It would be wonderful to own something that meant so much to Michael Crichton. But aside from not being able to afford it, I wouldn't be able to insure and protect it. That painting's worth more than my entire neighborhood.

There was something else in Crichton's art collection that I would have bid on that I actually might have been able to afford. But I'll tell about that in a future post.