Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Michael Crichton Christmas 2009

(Sung to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas)
By Marla Warren

On the first day of Christmas Michael Crichton gave to me
A T-Rex who tried to eat me

On the second day of Christmas Michael Crichton gave to me
Two Lost Worlds
And a T-Rex who tried to eat me....

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Kahlessa's Corner


Narayan said...

great poem. hatts off to you. you truly are the numero uno Crichton fan

eriks said...

Hi Marla, it's really great! Had/have you a tune in mind or is it meant as a poem only?
Pirate latitudes arrived today (yes -don't laugh, only today - it suits me well fr teasing you with the publication date...). So am eagerly reading already.

Marla Warren said...

Yes, it can be sung to "The 12 Days of Christmas". Maybe next year I can find someone who can sing and create something for YouTube.

Congratulations on finally getting Pirate Latitudes! I've read it and now I'm reading books on pirate history. Since we didn't get a bibliography for this book, I'm going to create a recommended reading list.

Let me know when you are finished reading Pirate Latitudes!

ccqdesigns said...

Thank you so much for sending this to me. I had no idea that Michael was gone. Where have I been? Love the poem. I do not have Pirate Latitudes. Now I have to get it.

Unknown said...

Thank you for emailing this to me, it's fantastic!
I read many of Michael Crichton's books several years ago. I haven't read any in a while but I plan to rectify that in the coming year and get back into his books!

Thank you for the fun poem/song & a reminder of his great books!

Happy Holidays!

Alyce said...

This was fun to read. Thanks for sending me a link to this post!

Sue said...

Marla - You are so clever! Thanks for emailing me with the link.
Happy Holidays~

Marla Warren said...

Now there's a video of A Michael Crichton Christmas!