Monday, November 16, 2009

Pirates Turned Loose in UK Today!

Pirate Latitudes was released in the UK today. As a dedicated Anglophile, I am happy for our friends across the pond. Truly. I’m glad they get to read Michael Crichton’s new novel now even though I and my fellow Americans have to wait until Tuesday November 24.

I mean it. Really.

Just allow me a brief pirate exclamation:


Many of my friends from around the world have pointed out that they are used to waiting much longer than eight days for a book that is already available in America. I know -- I’m a spoiled rotten American. (And I’m working very hard to stay this way.)

But looking on the bright side, I cleared my calendar for the 24th and 25th, so I will have uninterrupted time to read Pirate Latitudes. If I had the book today, I wouldn’t be able to read it because I have to work. That would be torture (have I mentioned that I’m spoiled?)

I’m warning my European friends and readers not to email me or post ANY SPOILERS! Don’t even think about it! NOT LISTENING!!!

(Cover ears with hands, shuts eyes and sings pirate songs:

♫ “With cat-like tread,
Upon our prey we steal…”♫ )

Eight days until the US release of Pirate Latitudes.

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eriks said...

Marla, as a consolation let me tell you that (where I have ordered the bool) states that the order will be shipped on november 26th. So You will beat me to read it! Now it's my turn: aaaarrrrggh!

Marla Warren said...

What's frustrating for me is that the boxes of copies of Pirate Latitudes arrived at our store today. Unfortunately, it's a strict-on-sale, which means we can't even open the boxes before Nov. 24.

So close and yet so far!

(But not worth getting fired for)

Marla Warren said...

Well Erik, in the meantime we can analyze the first 56 pages. On the other hand, that makes waiting to read the rest all the more frustrating.