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Letter to Michael Crichton - Next

November 21, 2006

Dear Dr. Crichton,

I’m happily looking forward to the release of Next. This is the 15th novel and 20th book you have published under your own name. I wonder how you feel when a book of yours is released. Has the experience changed for you over the years? Do you feel excited, and do you look forward to the responses? Is it a distraction from whatever you’re working on currently? Do you dread it somewhat because it means appearing in public? On 20/20 you mentioned that you would never appear in public if you could help it. You’re only making three public appearances for Next, and they are all on the East Coast, to the great dismay of the members of message board on your website.

One reason I’m looking forward to the release of Next is because the message board badly needs some fresh meat (and fresh tofu for the vegetarians). I’ve been on the message board for almost two years. It’s become an online home and I’ve made several friends through the board. A few have become very good friends who I talk with on the phone from time to time. It’s a wondrous thing that people from all over the world can find a point of focus that allows them to connect and bond with each other. And the administrator does an outstanding job moderating the discussions and making the board a delight place to visit.

But the most valuable thing about the message board is how it has helped me to focus my writing. It gives me a chance to write things others can read and respond to, and that has sparked my writing in other venues as well. The message board has an encouraging and inspiring atmosphere, and I bless you for providing it.

My favorite of all your books is Travels, and I understand you are writing a sequel. Since Travels was released in 1988, it would be nice if the sequel could be released 20 years later in 2008.

Though I have to tell you there was one part of Travels I did not like. It is on p. 228 (hardcover edition) when you were directing a film and you took away that poor little rattlesnake’s parasol and it almost got cooked by the sun.

You bully.

Respectfully yours,

Marla Warren

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