Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And the title is...

According to Wikipedia, the title of Michael Crichton's new book is Final Day of Happiness and is about scientists working on an advanced Super-collider who inadvertently create an artificial black hole threatening all of humankind.

Final Day of Happiness - Wikipedia

There should be a formal announcement on Crichton's website soon. The new book sounds extremely interesting! (But, of course, what else would we expect from Michael Crichton?) Back in March, this article appeared in the New York Times:

Asking a Judge to Save the World, and Maybe a Whole Lot More

By DENNIS OVERBYE, NY Times, March 29, 2008

More fighting in Iraq. Somalia in chaos. People in this country can’t afford their mortgages and in some places now they can’t even afford rice.

None of this nor the rest of the grimness on the front page today will matter a bit, though, if two men pursuing a lawsuit in federal court in Hawaii turn out to be right. They think a giant particle accelerator that will begin smashing protons together outside Geneva this summer might produce a black hole or something else that will spell the end of the Earth — and maybe the universe…


I emailed the story to a friend and commented:

“Does Michael Crichton know about this? LOL! Scientific hubris strikes again!”

How did I know? (Twilight Zone music plays)

It is now possible to pre-order Michael Crichton’s new book online. However, things could still change before December. Everything is tentative for now. Here’s the online info, and as you can see, there are some discrepancies.

At Barnes and Noble:

Untitled Crichton Novel #4

By Michael Crichton

* $27.95 List price

* $20.96 Online price (Save 25%)

* $18.86 Member price

Available for Pre-Order; This item will be available on December 2.

* Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

* Pub. Date: December 02, 2008

* ISBN-13: 9780060873028

* 464pp

At Amazon:

Michael Crichton Thriller Two (Hardcover)

By Michael Crichton

Product Details

* Hardcover: 400 pages

* Publisher: Harper Collins (December 1, 2008)

* Language: English

* ISBN-10: 0007241011

* ISBN-13: 978-0007241019

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